Customs services

Export and import documentation

Unfortunately, the international trade comes hand in hand with a lot of paperwork. But don’t worry: arranging all legal documents required is business as usual for us and included in our services. As an established international customs agent, we are well-experienced in customs clearance of container transport for import, export and cross trade.

The handling of customs formalities regarding your import, export or cross-trade cargo is like second nature to us. Our driven and well-educated employees know the customs requirements of each individual country inside out. The declaration of export documents, T1 documents and customs clearance are done entirely digitally. 

Customs services by BSF Expeditie BV:

Our main services as customs agent include:

  • Advice and consulting on customs formalities
  • Customs clearance
  • Tax representation
  •  Processing and verification of documents, for example a certificate of origin and EUR.1 certificate
  •  Prompt invoicing


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