Container seal

Unfortunately, theft from shipping containers is increasingly common. Criminals are ever more skilled in breaking seals to containers. After removal of the goods from the container, the seal is imperceptibly restored to its original state, thus giving the impression that the container has been closed during transport and while being stored in the port, while in fact it wasn’t.   

Prevent theft by applying an HS container seal

Theft from your shipping container can be prevented by using an HS seal. As opposed to a standard seal, this particular container seal cannot be loosened. The seal is equipped with a steel wire, which unravels at sabotage and with an anti-spin system that prevents counterfeiting

film seal


BSF Expeditie B.V. can provide you with these special HS seals, allowing you to prevent thieves from opening your container unnoticed and to protect your cargo from theft. To purchase the HS seal, please fill out the contact form and type the word SEAL in the ‘message’ field. 

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